Thursday, July 23, 2009

First Snipet

There is always a first time for everything.. Here’s my first time in blogging..

So lets go back in time and remember all our first times ever…
First Rains
First beach visit
First flight
First Day at school
First fight with your best friend
First cigarette
First drink
First kiss
First Love
First heart-break
And in todays world…. A First Marriage….

Actually, all of the above mentioned ‘items’ bring back some real pleasant and funny memories to me.. My first day at school was very memorable, cuz I just couldn’t figure out why the rest of the children were crying.. And I went around scolding them, telling them to shut up and wiping their tears..

And my first fight with my best friend… Now baby!! Would u like to comment on this one?? She was Dumb.. and I was Dumber… I bet she agrees with me on this.. It actually turned into a street fight and resulted in me fleeing from the situation.. Hehehe…. That was some fight!!

First rains were like a dream in my porch.. with water filling up till the knees and me n dad sitting on our bungalow steps and making paper boats.. I would write a wish on the boat… He told me that if the boat will come back to you, your wish may be granted… And when my boat would get stuck up somewhere in my small porch compound, he’d grab the umbrella and run out to fetch it… Just so that ‘my wish would be granted’… Today when I think of it, he truly will always be my Hero..

Ever sit back to think of small and big first times, and I’m sure they’d amuse you too.. What would life be like had the ‘first times’ not been there…… Just Imagine!!